Business Project  |  Casavi  |  2020

Rework of the Casavi house community app


Problem statement

The tenant app by the SaaS provider Casavi, is initially designed to enable communication between different parties around house communities. Major features include handling service work, meter-reading and communication between owners, tenants and property managers.

Post-it note with some text notes on it.

Review of the present state

In a first step, the present React native implementation was reviewed. Along with a site architecture chart, respective areas of improvement were identified and initial ideas visualized with low fidelity screens. This served as a foundation for the later development of clickable mockups.

Whiteboard showing several screens and the architecture of the app that were reviewed an commented.

Concept of a new app

The architecture of the app was reduced to for maximal usability, taking in mind the different needs different user groups have. Therefore several features were moved or reduced to an MVP level in order to make the product more comprehensible.

App architecture chart.
Set of approximately twenty low fidelity screens.

Ideation and Moodboarding

A set of moodboards layed the foundation for the visual appearance of the system. Business examples as well as as company values were likewise included in the moodboards in order to translate system values to a visual language.

A moodboard showing several images and text notes.

Design system and visual appearance

In a second iteration, functional requirements were enhanced by a suitable visual appearance. Therefore a design system was set up including all components necessary for the improved design, making it easy in a long run to maintain and extend the application.

Set of three high fidelity screens and respective components of the design system.