Experimental Design  |  Free Project  |  2019

A device to encourage the use of digital media within an aging society


Digital media and society

Digital media and technology is a pervasive part of our modern world, providing ever new opportunities for interaction. As a consequence, human relations are changing from what once was an in-person interaction to a more social media and tech-driven form. Still, parts of our society are often not included in this move due to different reasons may it be rejection, lack of understanding or access. This project investigates in particular the group of seniors, to comprehend their perspective on tech and find new ways of inclusion.

Photo of an elderly woman looking out of a window in a bad mood.

Design of an accessible hardware

Technology devices are designed to fit a broad customer group, involving a high number of features and options. Although this approach may serve most users, the group of seniors requires a dedicated design due to several reasons including accessibility and clarity.

Explosion rendering of the hardware device.
Detail image of the emergency button on the back of the device.
Detail image of the control buttons on top.

App structure

The layout of pages and functions was inspired by haptic interaction with paper and pencil, allowing users to draw on experiences within a physical world. Pages are layered on top of a base screen that makes the starting point and main element of interaction within the app.

Handdrawn screen structure of the application.

Accessible UI concept

The interface concept was designed to fit the mental model of senior users. Screen elements were partially beheld from physical real-life interaction and reduced to a minimum of visual design. The feature extent was further selected to allow the best accessibility and concentrate on actual user needs.

Five screens of the application.
Overview on respective screens that were further processed towards a click dummy.